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What’s in a room?

There’s nothing like your HOME that sets the tone of your life. This past week, I got to help in making a home a lot homier… and a room a lot roomier!

Let’s face it! This room had zero functionality. Or purpose. Or flow!

…but it did have graffiti!

Step 1. PAINT. Step 2. PAINT. Step 3. PAINT. Okay, let’s just say it took many coats of paint to remove all the writing on the walls. Next step: furniture and decorations. Look no further than Goodwill! Grabbed a few items that could be pretty nifty with a little attention, and we were set! Sometimes being a minimalist is the way to go. I figured it was a welcome change for this room. So out everything went!

A few days later… ahhhh. Soft walls, clear corners, scented candles. Everything has a place, we opened up free space, and gave this room a new face!

I literally inhale and exhale deeply at the sight of this. PEACE! lol

nook for books.

Who says I can’t reuse my ideas? :)

favorite part! I love scriptures on mirrors. :) Reminds me of James 1:23

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Making memories. And other things, too.

While watering the lawn a few weeks ago, I happened to spot my neighbor’s waiting trash pickup. Recycle bin, a bundle of branches, and a rotten, filthy, hideous end table. Something about rotten, filthy, and hideous always makes me think about fresh, recreated, and beautiful, and before I knew it, I was pulling a nightstand into my garage. It was SO ugly. And dirty. I can nearly guarantee you my neighbors had previously utilized this piece of furniture somewhere outside. Peeling paint, mud, spiderwebs… you name it. Here’s a look at the “before.”

Have another look. Appreciate the dirt more.

I had the plan. And the paint. And the mirrors (you’ll see). But why do it alone? I invited a couple young ladies from our youth group to join in the project. They had no idea what we were doing with an ugly nightstand, or even why they were there. But that’s where the fun happens! Summer day, hot garage, iced tea, awkward conversation. 30 minutes later- meaningful conversations about Jesus and identity, laughing, and watching a too-good-to-be-true makeover take form on our end table. The finished product was PERFECT! Just like I wanted it, but even better… it tells a story of how a little quality time goes a long way. :)

Mirror top!

A little of this, a little of that.

Give me something that has potential, and I’ll handle the rest. :)

Scenario: Spring cleaning. The $2 hat box (featuring the ugliest design you’ve ever seen) that served as a tissue paper/gift wrap storage unit has now been retired. Trash it? No way! I grabbed last summer’s Anthropologie catalogue, snipped out a few pictures, and decoupaged away!

Here’s the finished product. Perfect way to store swimsuits!

And just for the fun of it, why not another one? For hats, of course.

So then there was a frame. A weird frame. It resembled an old, country, barnyard-type windowsill. Light brown, unfinished wood. You might have found a decorative use for it in a rooster-themed kitchen… or… yeah. I figured the wooden look couldn’t really mesh with anything in my home, so I opted for painting it black. I’d find a use for it somewhere!

And somewhere was the bathroom wall. It hung against the sage green wall quite nicely, bearing a vase of sunflowers and two small candles. And… then I got tired of it.

What could I use it for? I definitely didn’t need any more shelving in my room, but I was trying to make the perfect bulletin board… BULLETIN BOARD! Yes! I made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby, grabbed $3 of material, a $5 vase, and a $1 flower. I wrapped the material around some cardboard and stapled it behind the frame, then added the vase/flowers to the ledge. One word… Classsssyyyyyyy. ;)

The cardboard background worked fine for me, but then again, I’m not a pushpin kinda girl. Sticky notes all the way!

Furniture? FAVORITE!

I’m not a big desk person, but a vanity sounded fun to have. I figured I could convert some type of desk into a vanity, so the hunt began. Garage sales, resale shops, and trash pickup sites (shhh) are my favorites, because………….
1. I like to find POTENTIAL in something that looks useless
2. Whatever I find is gonna have a STORY behind it, and I get to make it my own
3. IT’S CHEAP! Definitely my favorite part. It just means you can do 10x more projects with the same amount of money!

Anyway, this beaut was waiting for me at KCM for $20.

Sandpaper, paint, and some TLC later…

Found the bench at Garden Ridge…. worked perfectly!

So I’ve always had a thing for redesigning… but when I was 11, I’m not all too sure it turned out successfully. Celery green walls (really pretty, actually), black curtains/bed/couch, and… SILVER FURNITURE. SHINING SILVER. Ummmmm…. yeah… about that…

I guess the term for it was “edgy?”

So yeah. Time to redo. Aside from a paint job, it also needed new drawer pulls. EXPENSIVE if you’re looking at Anthro or anywhere like it, especially when you need 8 of them! I found some at Home Depot for $1.50 each. :) Just look in the cabinet pulls!


I was really diggin’ the mauve color. It really quiets the room, but still adds a statement. And I like the contrast it makes with white and the grey walls.

By the way… JEWELRY. I have a TON of it. Besides that, I make it. Another story for another time… anyway. 3 jewelry boxes later, I’m still bursting at the seams with long necklaces that don’t seem to fit anywhere but around the doorhandle to my closet. TANGLED MESS.

I promise I had this idea before Pinterest stole it…

On a note of originality, I didn’t string ribbon across the frame and hang jewelry that way. I headed to Ace Hardware and got some tiny little screw hooks (who knows the technical name!) and added them to the top of my frame. A bit more functional and permanent! Here’s my $11 Hobby Lobby frame!

So there! A little taste of my favorite pastime. :)

dear italy, 
move to texas

dear italy, 

move to texas

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